Summer Forum

The summer forum began with a few moments silence remembering our much loved departed Mike McElroy.

Thanks to Joanna for arranging the venue and refreshments!

Mike Elliott, our resident historian gave a brief but engaging account of the archaeological breakthrough at the Abbey.:

  • Work on the new entrance to the Cathedral unearthed some graves including an important looking tomb: could this be the resting place of the missing Abbot – we know of the other 39?
  • Three seals frm the Papal Bulls that he received confirmed this
  • His remains will be the first through the new building when it is complete in 2020, as he is taken to a new resting place.

Simon Carver gave a gripping and important talk on the Winter Beds project

  • When the temperature goes below freezing, the Open Door hostel cannot meet the need.
  • Trinity Church has been used as an overflow
  • Volunteers stand by like life boat crew ready to help should the need arise

We can help with volunteers and finance


We had a brief discussion about how we can solidify and focus our many ideas into a coherent plan.  Something like:

  • 24 hour prayer in the autumn
  • Carol singing with a band + holy fools (?) to raise money and awareness for Winter Beds
  • Winter Beds when the need arises.
  • Christmas cards to 1000 inmates, primary schools competition for card design via STEPS (?)

The enabling group will discuss plans on 20th June.

Email peter (at) with ideas and comments.  Also you can add a comment to this post.

See you on the prayer walk 🙂


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