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Good Friday 2022

Processing up from Ss Alban & Stephen and Trinity URC…

Via the market place…

…and the pubs…

to the Cathedral


Culminating with a sublime Unity at the Cross service led by Soul Survivor.

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Here is a hymn for Prayer for Ukraine set to music.

Look out for special prayer meetings physically an via Zoom Friday 11th March 8pm


The call to fast comes up 164 times in the Bible. 

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Prayer for Ukraine

Here is a beautiful prayer for Ukraine transliterated: Prayer for Ukraine-satb

You can hear what it sounds like at this Wikipedia page. by clicking on the player icon.

The translation on the prayer is this:

O Lord God Almighty,

Protect Ukraine,

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What is the Spirit Saying?

Here are some of the points which came up from the recent Churches Together Forum on What is the Spirit Saying to the Churches?.


  • Keep listening for what the Lord is doing.
  • Keep being docile to new guidance
  • Joshua 3
    • You have never been this way before v2
    • Sanctify yourselves today,

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2022 is the most challenging year that most of us have seen.  See this beautiful Prayer for Ukraine.

We have our (brief) AGM and Winter Forum looking at What The Spirit is Saying to the Churches.  The main points coming through are summarized here.

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Cards for Prisoners

Can you help?

Each year we aim to send Christmas cards to the prisoners at the Mount prison.  We have a wonderful design this year by Alice, aged 7

The greeting inside the card says:

You are in our thoughts and prayers this Christmas

From the Christians of St Albans

The aim is to have groups from different churches sign the card.

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We had a good session praying for Afghanistan with nearly 30 people involved, despite the short notice!

Here are some ways we can continue to help:

  1. Keep praying!
  2. Contact our local voluntary group Herts Welcomes Refugees (HWR)is coordinating efforts to support refugees locally.

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Climate Action Postcard

Here is a brilliant postcard summarizing what we can all do for climate action.

Climate action postcard

Thanks to St Albans Climate change action

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Justice and Prisons

Notes from the Summer 2021 CTSA Forum

80,000 people are in custody in this country – leaders in Europe and level with America.  But it is said that “prison always does harm” and that prison is “a monsoon designed to was away your humanity”.

The law enforces over 25 years for murderers,

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Unity Challenge

This year we are in lock down but it has never been easier to visit another church – by going online!

  • So why not visit a church that you are not used to
  • Ask God to show you how He is at work there
  • Come to the online Winter Forum on Feb 8th and share your experience

Below are some churches with streaming services. 

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