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The Church, the Coronavirus, and the Exile

A virus only a few nanometres across has taken thousands of precious lives, reduced the economy to dire recession and impacted personal freedom in a way that many have not seen before.  This short article will look at the impact on church life.  Christians are no longer allowed to gather in churches and normal sacramental life is suspended. 

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Broken for me

A song of thanksgiving, adapted for these times of isolation.


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Sunlight Dawning

Here is an Easter song I wrote a few years ago and recorded during the lockdown. It’s for anyone who has had a bad Monday morning.

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Carols at the Clock Tower

What a great way to bring Christmas to the town: what a great band the Salvation Army have. Wonderful to join with the team from City Church.

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No Planet B Follow Up

A big thank you to Tom Hill for a brilliant presentation!

The video will be at the link below and will be available shortly

Video: watch here

Tom recommends the following link to help with an action plan

Sustainable St Albans also think this is a great resource.

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Prayer Walk

Our prayer walk was a beautiful, sunny, joyous occasion. A big thank you to Melanie f or arranging it! WE had a good number of people and were graciously welcomed by the churches along the route.

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Honorarium Survey

The honorarium survey has concluded. Thanks to all who participated.

We had 25 responses:

  • 11 for continuing the honorarium
  • 4 for removing
  • 10 for doing whatever the Enabling group thought fit.

The poll was advisory and the enabling group will discuss what to do.

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Cross Procession

The Cross Procession was very well attended and ended with a wonderful Unity at the Cross Service

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For our consultation on the secretary’s honorarium please got to

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St Albans CofE Diocese Mission Film

The Anglican Diocese of St Albans have produced a mission film.  You can download the film at

Te Facebook post is at  – and you are invited to post a personalised response

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