Enabling Group

This page shows what the Enabling Group is working on.  It is public for transparency.  There is also a googledoc that the EG can edit.  Contacts List: You need to be on the Enabling Group and to have a google account to be able to see this, for privacy reasons.


About the Enabling Group

The enabling group runs CTSA, facilitating events and other actions.  Members are elected at the AGM, and new talent is always welcome.  The enabling group  cannot , of course, be the only people who make CTSA things happen: everyone needs to help!

The enabling group should have new people joining and longer serving people leaving, so as to keep us from going stale.   If you would like to join, contact me!  People can be co-opted onto the enabling group at any time.  Members are there for their wisdom and practical help where they feel able.

There are about 4 Enabling Group meetings a year and these will be held over Zoom, though after lock-down, we will occasionally meet face to face.  We aim to keep meetings under 90 mins long and they are often shorter.   Enabling Group members may not be able to get to all these meetings but should try to get to most.

Enabling Group member should also try to attend EG meetings,  the AGM and the service of prayer for Christian unity.  Attendance at other CTSA events is helpful but not absolutely essential.

Email: peter (at) ctstalbans.org.uk

Current enabling group members 

Mike Elliott Ashley Church  
 Peter Berners- Lee  Ss Alban & Stephen (RC) Convener
 Gill Elliott  Trinity Church (URC)  
 Pam McElroy  St Mary’s Marshalswick (C of E)  
 Susan Devi  Hatfield Road Methodist Church  
 Joanna Field  St Julian’s (C of E) Secretary
David Markham Ss Alban & Stephen (RC) Treasurer
Maggie Dodd St Julian’s (C of E)  


Notes from the meeting on  Wed 26th April 2023

Enabling Group Meeting Wednesday 26th April Notes

Met at Gill’s

Present: Pam, Mike, David, Maggie, Gill, Peter

Apologies: Joanna

  1. News updates: FACE, new clergy. Peter reported that FACE the interfaith group is going well.  He met with June Chapman of Citizen’s Advice who wanted to know more about CTSA
  2. Unity at the Cross. 150-200 on cross procession met by an equal number in the Abbey.  Good feedback on the event but felt we should get other churches involved as before. Vanessa Jefferson is the new Precentor in charge of liturgy from 17th June.  We need to re-establish a rota starting with St Peters & Marlborough Road potentially with Soul Survivor as a backstop.  Services can be simpler with silence.  Could have no music.  Could have singers and an organ.  Setting up a music group like Soul Survivor is difficult.
    • Action: Gill to email round old order of service – done – thanks Gill!
    • Action: Peter to talk to Vanesa
    • Action: Peter to talk to Fr Mark.
  3. Thy Kingdom Come – Pentecost Celebration – some appetite for doing something with the Abbey.  Peter emailed the Abbey
    • No time to do anything this year, especially with the coronation.
    • Action: Peter to email the Abbey.
  4. Summer Forum & AGM
    • Looked at 2 options, the challenge of AI and a Talk that Trevor Withers is giving on unbelievers’ needs today.  Chose Trevor.  7:30 AGM followed by 8 pm Forum.  Late June / Early July weekday
    • Action: Peter to approach Trevor
    • Action: Maggie to approach Andrew Prout for the venue.
  5. What Youth Think will be in the Autumn
    • Still plan to go with STEP for this in the autumn
    • Action: Peter to contact Chris Birch-Evans


Thanks to Gill & Peter for the hospitality 😊


Minutes of AGM 2022

Present: Peter Berners-Lee (Convener) Joanna Field (Secretary) Gill Elliott, Susan Devi, David Markham, Maggie Dodd and about 15 others.  Apologies from Mike Elliot, John Hardaker and Simon Carver.

The meeting opened with Psalm 30 followed by a prayer for Ukraine.

  •         The minutes of the 2021 AGM were accepted.
  •         David Markham as Treasurer presented the accounts via PowerPoint with copies available on the website.  The accounts were accepted.
  •         Peter as Convener gave a summary of the past year and a look ahead to the coming year.
  •         Gill Elliott, David Markham and Mike Elliott were all unanimously re-elected onto the Enabling Group
  •         Maggie Dodd was unanimously elected on to the Enabling Group.  Welcome Maggie!
  •         The AGM was followed by a lively forum on “What is the Spirit saying to the churches”.  This included input emailed by some who could not attend.

The evening ended shortly after 9pm with the Nunc Dimittis and further prayer for Ukraine.