This is the website of Churches Together in St Albans (CTSA).  Churches Together seeks to help churches to work and to grow together.  We are part of Churches Together in Hertfordshire which in turn is part of Churches Together in England.  

We have three forums a year as well as other events such as the cross procession, unity at the cross, 24 Hour Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come, Carols at the Clock Tower , and the service of prayer for Christian Unity.  Meetings are open to all.

Each church has reps who can vote at the AGM.  A small Enabling Group is drawn from member of several different churches and meets about 4 times a year.  We are transparent about what we are doing and what we are up to is updated on the Enabling Group page The convener is Peter Berners-Lee email: peter (at) ctstalbans.org.uk

Below is a link to our  constitution