Yearly Archives: 2020

Church Tour Video

This Advent I cycled around nearly all the churches of St Albans, filming for this speeded up tour of all the churches of St Albans, showing where they are and what they look like.  Some churches have added a short welcome video.  If any church that wants to add a video I’ll edit it in. 

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CTE News October 2020

Here is the link for the Churches Together in England (CTE)  October 2020 edition of CTe-News, including articles on:

  • Bishop Joe Aldred retires – perspectives on his impact and legacy 
  • Tackling racial injustice: CTE takes action
  • The launch of The Prayer Shield: 365-day prayer initiative
  • Prisons Week 2020

The latest CTe-News,

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The Church, the Coronavirus, and the Exile

A virus only a few nanometres across has taken thousands of precious lives, reduced the economy to dire recession and impacted personal freedom in a way that many have not seen before.  This short article will look at the impact on church life.  Christians are no longer allowed to gather in churches and normal sacramental life is suspended. 

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Broken for me

A song of thanksgiving, adapted for these times of isolation.


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Sunlight Dawning

Here is an Easter song I wrote a few years ago and recorded during the lockdown. It’s for anyone who has had a bad Monday morning.

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