Sadly we have had to cancel public meetings whilst the covid-19 virus is a threat.

However we hope to help people to connect online via this site.  The Thy Kingdom Come 24 Hour Prayer  can continue but  online start and close meetings.  We hope to experiment with an online forum!  If you would like to help test this, please contact us via the contact us page

Below are links to help you to connect despite social isolation.  If you know of more useful links, please contact us via the form on the contact us page.

Live streamed and recorded church services:

How to live stream and hold online meetings

GoiGoing Online v6 is the latest version of a frequently updated CTSA document outlining some approaches to live streaming including multi camera and online meetings.  Note that live streamed meetings can be done with only a minister entering the church.

How to live stream

Live streaming your church service is free and not that hard to do.   You can do it with Zoom, YouTube or a combination.  Ministers are doing this with just theur mobile phone.  The congregation benefits because:

  • It’s their church
  • They want to see their minister
  • They need the continuity
  • It helps to fight isolation

Here is a document I prepared for CTSA Going Online v4

It has diagrams and simple explanations.

Thank you – keep well, keep praying!

Peter Berners-Lee

Convener, Churches Together in St Albans